Scale AI and maximise value


Applied Intelligence is Accenture’s approach to scaling AI for our clients. We embed AI-powered data, analytics and automation capabilities into business workflows to accelerate time to value. Our expertise in defining end-to-end strategy, combined with deep data infrastructure capabilities, cognitive services and industrialized accelerators help smooth clients’ path to AI adoption, extending human capabilities and supporting clients in scaling AI responsibly. Recognized as a leader by industry analysts, we collaborate with a powerful global alliance, innovation and delivery network to help clients deploy and scale AI within any market and industry. 



Growing customer expectations.

Market-shaping AI.

Self-optimising systems.

With our global network of over 100 innovation hubs around the world, we apply industry expertise, diverse skill sets and next-generation technology to each business challenge.


ML & data science

Applied Intelligence has the roadmap to maximise existing investments and extend new technologies across many businesses.

With deep AI experts and data scientists, plus the flexibility to work with almost any technology partner, we can help companies 

evaluate, maximise and scale opportunities as they arise.

Corporate Citizenship

Building a future of shared success

SDG Ambition is Accenture's partnership with the UNGC and SAP, to challenge and support companies in integrating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their core business and make shared success a reality.

AI ethics & governance

Take an interdisciplinary approach that supports agile innovation and ensures governance of your AI systems.


The output from AI systems has a real bearing on people’s lives, raising considerable questions around AI ethics, data governance, trust, and legality.