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Pioneering the future through serial technology innovation

Ocado Technology is the creator of the Ocado Smart Platform (OSP). It revolutionising online grocery through serial innovation across AI, Robotics, Big Data, IoT, Simulations, Digital Twins and the Cloud. Ocado Technology are not a supermarket. But they are changing the way the world shops.


Our world-class systems and solutions in automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, simulation and big data power OSP customers across the world, as well as the online operations of and Morrisons in the UK. 


Ocado Technology drives serial innovation through harnessing our unparalleled technology, competencies, IP and know-how to transform the online grocery retail industry, and beyond. 



We are on a mission to transform online grocery retail and enable some of the world’s most forward-thinking retailers to do grocery online profitably, scalably and sustainably.


ML at Ocado



We use advanced Machine Learning (ML) and data harvesting to carry out predictive analytics that help our customers shop faster and with less friction.



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Jelizaveta Konstantinova

Robotics Research Coordinator, Ocado Technology

Lecture Topic:

AI and Robotics at Ocado Technology: Innovation at the intersection of physical and digital worlds

20 Aug 2020 (12:00 UK time)

Desert in Dark

Machine Learning at ocado TECHNOLOGY

At Ocado Technology, advanced AI and ML permeate our platform from end to end. These form part of our essential capabilities for picking,

packing and delivering hundreds of thousands of customer grocery orders in short time windows. 


In the webshop, we use predictive analytics to help our customers shop faster, with less friction and exceptional personalisation at the individual level so they are shown hyper-targeted promotions. 


In our highly automated warehouse, we use a combination of data streams from our bots to train machine learning models so we can predict when any of the thousands of bots in one of our warehouses will need maintenance or replacement parts. With so many bots on the go, having a constantly learning system helps to support a more cohesive workflow and higher reliability and availability.


At the delivery end, we use AI and ML to optimise our many thousands of van delivery routes in real-time for greater efficiency with fewer emissions. Our ML teams predict, analyse and optimise constantly.


We’re also looking ahead at all forms of AI and Deep Learning, where we are taking state-of-the art technology being developed at research institutions and using it in our real-world operations to improve efficiencies even further.


Our bigger vision is ultimately to build an Ocado brain - a general AI that would be able to build an understanding of all of our business models and data to uncover new patterns and paradigms 


We are today focusing on building the individual smart applications, the individual neurons of that brain, that we will join up over time, as the AI technologies and computing power advance.