OxML 2020
At OxML 2020, we aimed to provide the participants with best-in-class training on a broad range of advanced topics and developments in machine learning (ML) — including, deep learning. While we covered some of the key topics in domains such as Bayesian ML, Computer Vision, NLP and reinforcement learning (as well as areas such as Causal ML, Topological ML, and Transfer Learning that the field is showing a growing interest in), the school had a special focus on medicine (the UN’s sustainable development goal #3), through a range of applied talks at the interface of machine learning and healthcare/biomedical sciences (e.g., medical imaging, genomics, drug discovery, and learning from multi-modal medical data). Please see this video for a short recap.


Mona Alinejad
General Chair

Founder and CEO at AI for Global Goals

Reza Khorshidi
Program Chair

Global Chief Scientist at AIG &

Investigator in ML & Medicine at Oxford University

Kazem Rahimi
Program Chair

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at  Oxford University



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Cheng Zhang

Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research

Gunnar Carlsson

Professor of Mathematics at Stanford,

Co-founder at AYASDI

James Hensman

Principal Scientist at Amazon

Reza Khorshidi

Global Chief Scientist at AIG,

Investigator in ML & Medicine at Oxford University

Mihaela van der Schaar

Professor of ML, AI & Medicine at

Cambridge University,

Turing Faculty Fellow 

Andrea Vedaldi

Associate Professor in Engineering Science at Oxford University,

Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research (FAIR)

Partha Maji

Principal Research Scientist at ARM

Ali Eslami

Research Scientist at DeepMind

Audrey Durand

Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Université Laval, 

Canada CIFAR AI chair

Alona Fyshe

Assistant Professor in the Computing Science/Psychology at Alberta University, 

Canada CIFAR AI chair

Kazem Rahimi

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at  Oxford University

Pier Francesco Palamara

Associate Professor of Statistical and Population Genetics at Oxford University

Moez Draief 

Chief Scientist & VP in Data Science/Engineering at Capgemini

Shiva Amiri

Director of Research Infrastructure at 23andMe

Alix Lacoste

Vice President of Data Science at BenevolentAI

Nicola Rieke

Senior Solution Architect at NVIDIA

Kayhan Batmanghelich

Assistant Prof. of Biomedical Informatics/Intelligent Systems at Pittsburgh University, 

OxML 2020 Schedule

OxML 20 Schedule


Aleksandra Nowak

 PhD Student in Computer Science at Jagiellonian University

Antony Martini

Engagement Manager at The LHoFT


Meyad Golmakani

Computer Science Student at the King's University


Ali Hassaine

Machine learning scientist at the University of Oxford


Chao Ma

PhD student in the ML Group at the University of Cambridge

Yaodong Yang

Senior research scientist at Huawei UK

James Ashenhurst

Product Scientist at 23andMe

Asmita Poddar

Computer Science Graduate Student, University of Oxford

Melvin Selim Atay

PhD Candidate of Neuroscience & Neurotechnology

Martin Ferianc

PhD Student at University College London

Tiago Azevedo

Computer Science PhD student at the University of Cambridge

Ali Hassaine

Machine learning scientist at the University of Oxford

Fatemeh Abdollahi

Graduate Student at the University of Alberta

Ioana Bica

PhD student at the University of Oxford

Tadas Temcinas

PhD student at the University of Oxford

Li Sun

PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh

Rahul Deora

Machine Learning Researcher

Shishir Rao

PhD Researcher at Deep Medicine, University of Oxford

Sumedha Singla

PHD Graduate Student at University of Pittsburgh

Udit Agarwal

Machine Learning Researcher