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  • Are OxML summer schools organised by the University of Oxford?
    No. OxML schools are organised by AI for Global Goals (an independent company). Note that, CIFAR and Oxford University's Deep Medicine Program are the collaborators/partners in running this year's school, i.e., they contribute with their expertise in areas such as designing the program, contributing speakers, and so on.
  • Who can apply for OxML school?
    Everyone is welcome to apply for our machine learning summer schools regardless of their origin, nationality, and country of residence. Our primary target audience are (1) PhD students with good technical background whose research topics are related to ML, plus (2) researchers and engineers in both academia and industry with similar/advanced levels of technical knowledge. All applicants are subject to a selection process; we aim to select strongly motivated participants, who are interested in broadening their knowledge of the advanced topics in the field of ML/DL and their applications.
  • Can I apply for multiple/all of the courses offered by AI for Global Goals this year?
    Everyone who believes they would benefit from attending multiple or all of our courses, is welcome to apply for our upcoming ML courses
  • Do you issue a certificate of completion?
    Yes, participants will receive an electronic certificate of attendance at the end of the school including the subjects covered during OxML school and number of hours of lectures, workshops, unconference sessions, etc. This information can be used by each university to calculate the corresponding number of ECTS credits. Note: Certificates of attendance issued for the OxML participants are issued by AI for Global Goals and not endorsed (e.g., as a degree of certificate) by any other organisations or Universities.
  • I've attended the previous editions of the OxML schools. Can I apply again?"
    Yes, you can still attend OxML schools this year if your application is successful. Attending the previous editions of our ML schools will not influence your chance of being accepted this year.
  • What is the registration fee and what does it cover?
    There is no application fee, however, successful participants will need to pay a registration fee to secure their seats at the school. The registration fee for participants attending the in-person event in Oxford (UK) will cover access to all the lectures, refreshments, lunch, and workshops during the event. All participants, regardless of attending in-person or online, will have access to our community portal containing the lecture notes and lecture recordings for a period of time after the event. More details about the registration fee will be shared in the application form.
  • How can I book an accommodation in Oxford?
    All participants are responsible for securing their own accommodations in Oxford during OxML Summer School. If you are looking for an accommodation close to the Oxford Mathematical Institute, there are a number of options available: You can visit the Conference Oxford website ( which offers a range of B&B options at the University. Alternatively, there are a number of hotels located close to the Oxford Mathematical Institute that you can book through various online booking platforms. We recommend booking your accommodation as early as possible to secure your preferred option, as Oxford is a popular destination for tourists and students alike.
  • Is there any scholarships available? Who is eligible to apply for this grant?
    Generative AI course (Aug 2024): Scholarships for this event are offered on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, please complete this form: OxML School (July 2024): Successful applicants who are currently in full-time employment (or are full-time students) in organisations that are based in low-middle-income countries (LMIC) will be entitled to a 50% discount for the ONLINE registration fee. There are a limited number of scholarships (discount on the registration fee) available for full-time students from under-represented groups in AI, who would like to attend the school in-person. You can apply for the scholarship by emailing us on giving a short justification for your request. The funding will vary on a case-by-case basis and will cover a portion of the registration fee.
  • Can the organisers waive the registration fee?
    All successful applicants are required to pay the registration fee. However, those employed by/studying in organisations that are based in LMIC, will be entitled to a 50% discount on the registration fee for the ONLINE format of the school.
  • How can I add my OxML experience/certificate to my LinkedIn page?
    On your LinkedIn profile, select the "Licenses & Certifications”, right below the Education section. In that field, you can type in your OxML certificate of participation information. A menu displaying companies will appear as you type in the correct Issuing Organisation (AI for Global Goals) or (OxML) not the University of Oxford!
  • Do I need a visa to attend the summer school?
    Depending on your nationality, you might need a visa to travel to the UK. This would be a short-stay, single or multiple entry visa. Please check this page to see if you need a UK visa. If you get accepted to the school and you need a visa, contact us at and we will send you an invitation letter.
  • Can I download the lecture recordings?
    All lecture recordings are available for OxML participants to watch online for a limited time (about 2 months) after the end of each school. You can download all the lecture notes/handouts, however the recordings are not downloadable.
  • My application was not successful this year. Why have I not been accepted?
    We want to ensure an engaging and diverse audience. Our diverse global participants are selected using a ranking system that favours applicants who are graduate students, whose research areas are closer to the scope of the school, and would benefit more from the offered courses.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    If, for any reason, you have to cancel your registration, 30 days or more prior to the start of the school, you can be refunded up to 50% of the registration fee. If you cancel your registration less than 30 days prior to the start of the event, then you might not be entitled to receive any refunds. Note: if you need a visa to travel to the UK, please apply for it as soon as you receive the notification of acceptance. If you delay your visa application and won't be able to attend the school, you might not be eligible to receive a refund.
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