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06–09 July 2024

Oxford Mathematical Institute & Online

The latest advances in machine learning (ML) is full of promises for the health and bio sectors. From better cheaper faster diagnosis and drug discovery, to improved understanding of various physiological systems and processes, ML (including deep learning and generative AI) can improve the current state of the art in health and bio. Therefore, in this module of OxML 2024, we will bring some of the world’s top researchers in the ML theory, and application of ML in medicine and biomedical sciences. 

During this module, participants will experience lectures on theoretical topics such as:

  • Statistical / probabilistic ML

  • Advanced topics in representation learning (e.g., generative AI)

  • Geometrical deep learning

  • The latest developments in computer vision

  • The latest developments in NLP (and LLMs)

  • Knowledge graphs, knowledge-aware ML, and neuro-symbolic ML

  • Taking ML to the real world (e.g., alignment, interpretability, ethics, ...)

And their applications in health and bio areas such as:

  • Drug discovery

  • Genomics

  • Population health and epidemiology

  • EHR (electronic health records)

  • Imaging

  • Medical text/NLP

  • Immune system

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